My Work

The following sixteen samples represent my current work. For additional editorial work, please visit

    • Marvel Becoming: Red Wolf
      Marvel Becoming: Red Wolf

    • BIFF BUMPER: 2016
      BIFF BUMPER: 2016

    • Mercy College
      Mercy College

    • Voices of Impulse Records
      Voices of Impulse Records

    • BIFF BUMPER: 2013
      BIFF BUMPER: 2013

    • 100ANDZERO: Thousandth Time
      100ANDZERO: Thousandth Time

    • BIFF BUMPER: 2017
      BIFF BUMPER: 2017

    • Constellation

    • Cascade

    • Marvel’s Playback: Skillet
      Marvel’s Playback: Skillet

    • Content Machine: Father’s Day
      Content Machine: Father’s Day

    • School in the Square
      School in the Square

    • Foundry

    • Ransom Everglades
      Ransom Everglades

    • Content Machine: Season’s Greeting
      Content Machine: Season’s Greeting

    • BIFF BUMPER: 2015
      BIFF BUMPER: 2015