For those of you unfamiliar with old technology, this is a Palm Treo.  They were useful back in 2005.  The SD card…64MB.  Sigh….

On this morning’s #6amhike I had a great conversation with my friend Scott Tillitt about this project.  It got me thinking again about why I’m doing this, and what it means.  Am I just throwing away junk?  Is the project connected to Buddhism?  Why the purge?  All good questions.  I’m still not certain of all the answers, but I can say that this project really makes me think.  And it holds me accountable to something I started.  I have a duty to continue.  I’m grateful for the letting go.  I feel lighter already.

Now, I still have over 300 things to go, so I anticipate some really challenging moments ahead.  I’m excited.  And nervous.

Glad to have you along for the journey.