Mintek portable DVD player.

This little guy (5″ screen) was awesome for quite some time.  It had survived many a road trip and probably an airplane or two.  I think my folks were given the Mintek as a promotional gift on one of their trips to Atlantic City.  I had actually laughed it off for a while, seeing that I had a laptop and a subscription to Netflix streaming.  But then we started taking longer rides with Anabelle, and when she was old enough, this player was a nice option for the occasional movie.

However, on her most recent return trip from Maryland, Anabelle became frustrated that the movie wasn’t playing and tried to investigate the mechanics and inner workings of the DVD player, rendering it broken.  I give her kudos for trying to fix the player.  Bummer for her she broke it.  She looked really cute back there, headphones on and transfixed by The Sound of Music or something like that.