Hi there. I’m Michael Arginsky, Video Editor.

With 20 years of experience in all genres of Post-Production, I’ve had a beautiful education working with different directors, creatives, teams, and clients. Experience in advertising, narrative, documentary and corporate media has shaped my ability to quickly spot strong elements in disparate footage, and to work collaboratively with clients to achieve project ambitions and goals. My passion lies in emotionally driven short-form storytelling.

My editing chops are well seasoned, but I’ve found the best way to stay on my game is to push myself to continually raise the bar with each job. To me, this means finding new experiences and opportunities. I look at each project as an occasion to grow and learn, embracing the artistic challenges presented. I enjoy the collaboration between Director and Editor, and find that I’m at my best when there’s a trajectory toward a common goal and freedom to roam within that structure.

Currently working in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, my proficiency is in Premiere with working experience in After Effects and Photoshop—to create basic motion graphics and animation—as well as finishing spots for output (sound mixing and color correction). With an ever growing array of platforms and equipment, I am regularly asked to configure and output videos with various digital formats, encoding specs and broadcast standards.