2001 Sundance Film Festival festival guide.

At this point I can’t remember if 2001 was my first or second year as a SFF volunteer.  I remember having such an amazing time in Park City… waking up to snow covered mountains, sharing a house with some of my best friends, immersing myself in nothing but the excitement of new cinema (and watching as many films as I could each day).  Ahh, the bubble of Sundance where celebrities and ordinary citizens mingle awash a backdrop of snow, booze and media.  I had never been more excited about filmmaking and technology, storytelling and fantasy.

A couple of months ago I came across this festival guide and was instantly flooded with emotion and nostalgia.  I had even saved the ticket stubs from the movies I watched that festival (which I threw away before starting this project).  I haven’t been to Sundance in about a decade.  At one point I vowed that the only way I would return was to show a film.

I’m going to hold on to that dream, and let go of the festival guide.