My old leather wallet (empty).

Back when I actually carried a wallet in my pocket (I kind-of have a wallet now, but I hate having anything in my pockets, so I don’t keep it there), I used this one.  I had a $100 bill folded and hidden in the inside fold- for emergencies.  I thought that was cool.  And it came in handy on more than one occasion.

When emptying this tonight I found an old driver’s license, 2 pictures from a London photo booth in 1998, an old Boston University ID card, a NYS DMV Record of Convictions stub (date of violation 7-8-92, offense: 1172A) and an Ollie Dollars Bonus Plan card.  Each of those things holds a special memory for me, and maybe they will turn up another night, but tonight it’s just the wallet that I’m getting rid of.  Onward we go….

Okay, I’ve made it to 100.  Only 265 more things to go.  Wow.