Birthday card from the New York Jets.

When opened, the inside top flap has this printed on it:

Happy Birthday! From Rex and the Jets…

Below, written in silver magic marker, next to the face of a smiling Rex Ryan, the inside reads:

Dear Michael,

Happy Birthday!

We hope you have a wonderful day!  Go Jets!


The New York Jets

Now if you open the card all the way, the following message plays (actual recording of Coach Rex):

“This is Coach Rex Ryan, wishing you a Happy Birthday.  Thank you for being such a great fan.  Here’s to another great year of cheering on the team.  Enjoy your birthday, and go Jets!”

Do you think Coach Belichick sends birthday cards to the Patriots fans out there every year?  No, me either…He’s too busy leading his teams to Super Bowls.

C’mon, Rex.  3 pre-season games and no touchdowns.  REALLY!?


At least they traded Wayne Hunter today.  Go Jets!