Avid Xpress PRO discs.

**Catching up on Dec 19**

I used to work exclusively on AVID for about 5 years, then slowly made the switch over to FCP.  I LOVED working on AVID.  I enjoy FCP as well, but really became proficient and quick while working on AVID.  I found it a more intelligent and better managed application.  Now there’s FCPX, which I’ve only used once and was utterly confused while doing so.  And I believe AVID is on Media Composer 6.5, which is supposed to be amazing.  If and when I make the switch to a new editing setup, I think I’m going AVID. The new FCP might be too much of a learning curve and making the switch to Premiere seems crazy.

These discs are so old and are of absolutely no use to me anymore.