Sacred Fire magazine, Volume 3, Number 8, 2008

I love fire. I love the warmth, I love the smell. I love the occasional ember that pops out of the pit, lands on my body and reminds me that I’m alive. I find nothing more peaceful than watching the flames and listening to the hiss and crackle of burning wood. I love the anticipation and eventual collapse of charred logs.

There are wonderful people involved in groups called the Sacred Fire Community, where they have gatherings celebrating our ancient connection to fire and the natural world. This magazine gives a bit of insight to that connection, which I feel we all sorely lack but inherently desire.

I came to know this community through my dear friend Santha Cooke. And I’ve only been to one fire, but the experience sticks with me, infiltrating my thoughts and considerations about how I relate to Mother Earth and my natural surroundings.

I don’t want to say too much about the experience because I believe if you are curious about attending a fire, you should engage that opportunity with all the wonder and nervousness you have. Allow yourself to open up to the unknown and know you will be among friends- human, spiritual and elemental.

I enjoyed reading this issue, and I’d love to pass it along…