Yoga mat (it’s actually purple…my phone has a beef with color correction).

Oh wow.  Thing 165.  200 to go.  I feel really good about this challenge.

This has been an amazing process for me and I feel more free.  I’ve had  a number of great conversations about what this process means and why I’ve taken on such a (crazy? stupid? wonderful? challenging?) project.  The time is right and I’m loving the rhythm of release and emotion I get from freeing myself from each thing.

This Yoga mat was actually from a co-worker when I worked at Consulate.  I’ve had it since 2003 but haven’t used it since 2010.  We have two other mats downstairs, so Deana is going to offer this to her prenatal yoga instructor to see if she can use it in the studio.  I hope so..hate to see a good yoga mat go to waste.

Let me know if you’re interested and if the yoga studio doesn’t need it, it’s yours.

Thanks for following along.