Pizza Hut mini frisbee.

**Catching up on 3/3/13**

I went to my folks house this past Friday while waiting for my car to be inspected for potential transmission trouble (still TBD).  What a perfect opportunity to dig into Things from my past and get rid of dead weight.

When I was in high school, we had the privilege of leaving school grounds for lunchtime.  Before we had our drivers licenses we would walk the block or two into town and eat, mostly at a place called La Bella’s Pizza, which is by far the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life.  Once we got the freedom to drive, we drove a few minutes away for lunch, and Pizza Hut was one of our favorite spots.  They had the personal pan pizzas, and they were cheap.  We would wolf down as much pizza and soda as we could before we had to jump back into the car and race back to class.  We got to know the people that worked there, and they would hook us up with free pizzas and we would leave a little better tip (I think.. I hope).

So on Friday I’m digging through a box in the basement and I find this frisbee along with a bunch of other items which will appear on this list over the next few weeks.  Finding this is a trip, and brings me back to the days where I could freely eat pizza.  I’ve got food allergies now, so wheat and cheese are pretty much out.  Good times.