Ode Magazine Volume 6, Issue 3, April 2008.

**Catching up on 3/3/13**

I discovered Ode Magazine in mid 2000.  I can’t remember how I found out about the magazine, but I immediately ordered a subscription.  I had a job and disposable income back then, so I did things like that.

Ode (now called the Intelligent Optimist) is one of the most positive, enthusiastic and enjoyable forces trying to make the world better to live.  I highly recommend everyone bookmarking their website and following along.  The nuggets of information and positivity you will receive will change your life.

I’m not sure why I kept this issue around, but I just glanced through it, and I might give it a quick read before recycling.

When Deana and I got married, we asked Ode if they would donate issues of the magazine so we could give them as token gifts for the out-of-town guests in their hotels.  Ode sent us boxes of various issues that we distributed to our guests as well as local businesses around Tannersville.  A few months after our wedding, they wrote a small blurb about us and Ode’s involvement in our wedding.  I’m keeping that issue..