Ceramic piggy bank.

*Catching up on 3/21/13*

In 2011 Deana and I gave our family members piggy banks for Hanukkah.  The mission was for everybody to save as much as they could, and at Hanukkah 2012, the person with the most saved would get a prize.

Well, nobody really did this except for my dad and I think my brother, so we didn’t bother with the prize.  But my cousin Carin did something exceptionally thoughtful with her bank, and turned out to be the one of the best gifts we’ve received in a long time…

Carin saved up all year with our family in mind, and her gift to us was the bank we gave her in 2011, but full of change.  She said that every time she saw the bank, she thought of us.  I loved hearing about how as the bank filled, the sound of the change changed as it dropped into the bank.

We ended up with $78, which went towards our vacation fund.  Awesome.  I love my cousin.