Eddie Vedder 2009 solo tour playbill.

*Catching up on 3/21/13*

I would never give this away if I didn’t have another copy.  Some things I just have to keep.

This was the program that was handed out during the 2009 East Coast/Far West tour in June-July 2009.  I attended the first show at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY.  Mind blown as expected.

Having a 20+ year relationship with Pearl Jam, I was intrigued to see what a solo Ed Vedder show would be like.  I attended a couple of shows in 2008, and was hooked.  It was so beautiful and intimate and powerful.  That man’s voice hits me directly in the chest and makes me feel my humanity.

I don’t remember the set list for this show, but I do remember buying a copy of Robert Shetterly’s “Americans Who Tell the Truth” and writing a personal note to Ed, which I placed inside the book and then tried to give him during the end of the show.  It didn’t work, and my ride was leaving, so I ended up giving the book to someone claiming to be the stage manager and hoping he was able to deliver it to Ed.  I’ve never heard anything since then, so either the book never made it to Eddie, or more likely, he’s inundated with gifts at shows and it’s sitting in a pile somewhere in Seattle.  I hope he gets it someday because the book is amazing.

And Liam Finn opened this show, which set me on fire from his first note.  Liam is off the charts…