Snow pants, circa 1990.

*Catching up on 4/2/13*

I’ve had these snow pants since high school.  The elastic waste band has warn out.   The zipper on the back pocket has been broken for decades (and replaced with an Atom Films keychain…talk about dated…).  And although I love these, I’m going to retire them.  Not because I was wearing them on February 1st when I broke my clavicle.  Not because they don’t really fit anymore.

Because it’s time to move on.  Time to invest in a pair of winter pants that are less bulky and more warm.  Pants with a working zipper.  Pants made in the 21st Century.

But these are still in somewhat good condition, and they have zippers that run the length of outside of both legs, which is AWESOME for getting in and out of them, so someone should snag these…