Stainless steel scissors.

I have had these since high school. I’m pretty sure they were my mother’s.

A couple of summers ago a close family friend broke her knee after she fell down the staircase in our hallway. This happened about an hour before Anabelle’s first ballet recital. We offered to take her to the hospital, but she refused, not wanting to disappoint Anabelle or cause any of us to miss the show. Instead, she masked her pain and sat through the entire performance.
Later, in the emergency room I watched her almost pass out when they tried moving her from the wheelchair to a hospital bed, the pain was that intense. But it wasn’t until right now- three months after breaking my clavicle- that I can actually imagine how intolerable it must have been sitting through the two plus hours of ballet. I understand how much this woman loves our family and how much she endured in order to not rock the boat on Anabelle’s day. That’s devotion and true love.

Shortly after this accident I bought a roll of the sandpaper-like tape to put on the stairs. The roll was twice the width I needed it to be, so I used these scissors to cut it to size, destroying the scissors in the process. For some reason I threw them back in the drawer. These are things I need to learn to let go of immediately.