Arm pads.
I used these arm pads during my high school football career and then for various sports after that. I think I used them during some of my more hardcore snowboarding days but I can’t remember. I have no clue about the smiley faces and question marks but I’m guessing they were an attempt at irony.

Today is one of the days where I want to sweep everything off the table and out the window. If I could sweep the intangible things out of my life, like e-mails and deadlines and responsibilities and hopes and doubts, I would do that today. I’m feeling the invisible wave building above me, heavy and unsteady in its brilliance, ready to smash my skull and bury me in the sand. I feel like I couldn’t run far enough or fast enough to escape my thoughts these days, and so I sit idle and frustrated.

I wish I could put on these pads and get back out onto the high school football field…